The Problem

There are several major problems in healthcare systems around the world regarding specialist treatment - Efficiency, Availability, and Accuracy.


There is a mismatch between the demand and supply of neurologists. Too many referrals are being made by local family physicians, which result in over-booked neurologists. This increases the wait time of patients after referral, and allows for diseases to further develop.


There are a total of 0 neurologists in any territories in Canada and a serious lack of these specialists in other developing countries. By placing NeuroGate into the local physicians in these areas, we can diagnose these diseases without a neurologist. Following diagnosis, the management of the disease can begin immediately to help reduce the long term effects.


Accuracy is critical when diagnosing neurodegenerative diseases, yet a recent study in the US NLM found that Neurologists were typically only 50% - 80% accurate when diagnosing these diseases. Neurogate utilizes advanced technology to maximize accuracy and get patients the correct treatment as soon as possible.

Advanced Gait Analysis

NeuroGate utilizes a single RGB camera to accurately track a patients body profile. This allows NeuroGate to analyze gait with incredible accuracy.

Deep Learning Diagnostics

Using deep learning algorithms, NeuroGate is able to able to analyze thousands of disease specific patterns, discovering hidden symptoms in seconds.

Core features of NeuroGate

15 Second Test Time

NeuroGate only requires the user to walk for 15 seconds, minimizing testing time

Multiple Disease Analysis

NeuroGate can look for symptoms of several diseases at once, with only a single test

Deep Learning Analytics

NeuroGate takes advantage of machine learning algorithms to maximize accuracy

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