Stride is a mobile and web-based platform to provide movement-disorder specialists with patient progress tracking and AI-driven analytics, enabling them to treat patients more effectively and in a much more cost effective way.


Practitioners can videotape patients after going through a digitalized consent form process. Videos can be rewatched, shared with colleages, and processed by NeuroGate's advanced A.I. models to measure gait velocity, stride length, spine angle, arm swing, and hip angle. All from your mobile device.

Metric Generation

Advanced Gait Analysis

Stride utilizes a smartphone camera to accurately track a patients body profile. This allows Stride to be used anywhere.

Deep Learning Metrics

Using deep learning algorithms, Stride is able to analyze videos to quantify gait metrics with the touch of a button.

News and Updates

A New Direction

November 5th, 2017

Over the last few months, we have been very excited to showcase our work to make the diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease more accessible and accurate. When we first started, we had no idea where we would...

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Imagine Cup Top 4 World Finalists

July 27th, 2017

We are proud to have had the opportunity to represent Canada in the world finals of the Imagine Cup. We are even more grateful for the fact that we placed in the top 4 teams among 54 at the competition...

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Imagine Cup Canadian National Champions

June 11th, 2017

After over 8 months of preparation, NeuroGate has managed to win the Canadian Championship of the Imagine Cup. Follow us on our journey as we go to represent Canada on the global stage in Seattle...

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Media & Press

"In this interview with BioTuesdays, Mr. Suresh, who plans to continue with his neurosurgical residency and remain active in developing NeuroGate, discusses..."

"It has the potential to reshape how neurological diseases can be diagnosed, and lead to earlier interventions where people can lead productive lives with proper treatment."

“In a time like this, where every walk of life in every society and economy is being changed and shaped by digital technology, developers like you are going to change the world."

"The Imagine Cup is always a pleasure to cover, since the young creators involved haven’t yet developed that thick shell of cynicism and pragmatism that plagues so many startups."

"Neurogate, which was created by students from the University of Waterloo and McMaster University, is one of four teams competing to win Microsoft’s Imagine Cup."